How To Make Shelf Stable SOUR THC Gummies! 🍬🤤[Easy Step By Step Guide] STORE BOUGHT STYLE

How To Make Shelf Stable SOUR THC Gummies! 🍬🤤[Easy Step By Step Guide] STORE BOUGHT STYLE

June 3, 2022 0 By bestcbdadmin

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If you’re new to making gummies, I always recommend to make a test run batch without tincture/canna oil/etc first to ensure the recipe goes smoothly. Then the second time you can make it with the weed.

When I first started making gummies, I would always make a test batch first until I got the hang of it. Even still, occasionally I wish I made a test batch first when experimenting. For example with the sugar free recipe I have posted, the combo of crystal light/sour koolaid/citric acid was too much citric acid (as the crystal light and sour koolaid already had plenty of citric acid in them) and slightly effected the texture of the gummy. Had I done a test run first I would’ve realized I put too much citric acid between the three, and I would’ve cut back a bit. But these things happen, and in the end they’re still good.. I just prefer perfect

Good luck & please comment if you end up making them ❤️

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