How to make 500mg CBD Oil using Cannabidiol Isolate Hemp Extract and MCT oil

How to make 500mg CBD Oil using Cannabidiol Isolate Hemp Extract and MCT oil

May 15, 2022 0 By bestcbdadmin

This is a video showing how you can make your own 500mg CBD (Cannabidiol) isolate oil at home.

500mg CBD oil is one of the most popular strengths, often a starting choice for people new to hemp products. 500mg CBD oils usually retail for £30 in the UK for a 10ml bottle and now you can see how a basic product can be made at home.

One of the main differences between making something at home and buying something from a shop is that its has probably been made to pharmaceutical standards such as GMP and also lab tested for quality; hence the higher price.

Another variation of this video would be to use a full or broad spectrum hemp extract oil, instead of plain MCT oil to benefit from the beefed up CBD concentration and the other cannabinoids for a more powerful formulation due to the entourage effect.

The popularity of CBD has led to much interest in cannabis globally and companies have starting investing big money into research in areas such as: pain relief, anxiety, inflammation, recovery and more!

As a general background to CBD, it is a cannabinoid that is made in the cannabis plant within trichomes, which are most concentrated in the flowers. It is one of the 100+ cannabinoids in the plant and CBD is one of the most popular compounds next to THC (delta 9-THC). The other most notable cannabinoids that can be found are: CBG, CBC, CBN and Delta 8 THC.

To make you own CBD oil, you will need:

1. CBD isolate 500mg.
2. Weighing scales.
3. A small spoon or scraper to collect the CBD isolate.
4. A small dish to place on the weighing scales, however it is easier to use parchment paper.
5. MCT oil or carrier oil of your choice.
6. A beaker to create a water bath.
7. Hot water freshly boiled from kettle.
8. 10ml amber pipette bottle
9. (Optional) terpenes.

Now follow the video to learn how to make your own CBD oil at home.

Disclaimer: The video is for entertainment purposes only and you must consult a medical doctor before using any supplements.

There are pros and cons of making your own cannabinoid oil, however we recommend that you use RUDERALEX┬« products, as these have been manufactured to high quality standards and the products have undergone extensive testing for your safety –