Cannabis Extraction Options

Cannabis Extraction Options

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Cannabis Extraction Options

Professor DeBacco

Why Extract?
Extraction allows for a purified product from the cannabis plant, that is showing increased popularity among consumers.
Extracts also offer more consistent dosing.
There are different methods of extraction each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Water Based Extraction
Elimination of additional sample clean up
Ease of automation
Cheap solvent (water)
Long residence time of extracts has an increased risk of phytochemical degradation.

Near pure concentrate produced
Relatively simple and easy process with minimal specialized equipment required.
High pressure rosin presses can be extremely dangerous if misused
It is easy to burn the extract if not properly pressed

Distillation Method of Extraction
Extremely pure product, when compared to other extraction methods.
Complete control over terpenes and flavonoids
Easily automated
A very costly and long process with multiple steps
Takes days to pass 1 liter of crude oil through the machine
The distillation process strips the cannabis of all compounds except for the desired compound, which can have a dramatic effect on the terpenes when adding them back into the mixture.

Alcohol (Ethanol) Extraction
Cost effective for large amounts
Alcohol extraction can pull a broader range of compounds from the plant than other extraction methods
No risk of leaving toxic residual chemicals in the final cannabis extract.
Ethanol has a much higher boiling point than other solvents, which could lead to a longer process
Post processing is extensive, several refinements must be made to the extract before it is consumer ready.
Can be extremely dangerous, significant fire hazard if indoors

Carbon Dioxide Extraction
Less valuable material wasted
Specific compounds with adjustments made to heat, pressure, and runtime
No residual solvent in the final product due to evaporation of CO2
Much higher initial start up cost when compared to other extraction methods
Even once purchased the equipment requires proper training and safety procedures to be understood and followed.

Hydrocarbon Extraction
There are a wide range of extract types that can be achieved through hydrocarbon extraction
Can be done with trim and flower.
Relatively low equipment and run costs
EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, butane and propane are highly flammable and extreme caution must be used when extracting with hydrocarbons.

Unwanted compounds could make it through the extraction process and would need to be later refined.

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