Will It Digest: Cannabis & Hemp

Will It Digest: Cannabis & Hemp

April 8, 2022 0 By bestcbdadmin

In this episode of Will It Digest, we are joined by three experts in the field of hemp cultivation, testing, and product development. You will learn tips and tricks for successful microwave digestion of a wide variety of cannabis and hemp containing products in preparation for heavy metals analysis by ICP-MS.

The CEM MARS 6 microwave digestion system is able to digest up to 40 mixed hemp and cannabis products including: flower, oil, tincture, balm, candy, edibles, and lotions in a single batch. This simple to use system has a build in cannabis method and uses advanced sensor technology to determine the right amount of power do completely digest the samples every time. Combine that with CEM’s industry-leading application support, and your lab is armed with the tools you need to achieve the highest quality elemental analysis. At CEM, we make Sample Prep, Simple!

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Special thanks to our friends and colleagues that helped make this episode of Will It Digest.

Shawn Hatley is a Co-founder of Aggrist and Board Member of the Southeast Hemp Association – sehemp.org

Todd Griffin is the owner of G2 Analytical and Lead Scientist for Aggrist – g2analytical.com

Bradley Todd is President and Chief of Botanical Sciences at Aggrist and Grower’s Hemp – growershemp.com

Together they formed Global Products Group, a company dedicated to extraction of CBD from hemp and production of high-quality CBD products.