So Expensive Season 4 Marathon

So Expensive Season 4 Marathon

February 18, 2022 0 By bestcbdadmin

From real truffles to Champagne, camel milk to Japanese swords, we traveled around the world to find the hidden stories behind many luxury products.

Episodes featured:
Real Truffles- 00:22
Kolinsky Sable Brushes- 06:30
Modern Art- 13:10
Oysters- 19:31
Real Champagne- 24:11
Anti-Aging Products- 31:27
Full-Spectrum CBD Oil- 37:02
Gold- 43:44
Japanese Swords- 50:18
Palm Oil- 55:54
Camel Milk- 1:03:15
Avocados- 1:08:42
Apple Products- 1:17:19
Air Travel- 1:25:02

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So Expensive Season 4 Marathon