Possible 2020 Rescheduling of CBD in Australia | Rhys Cohen Explains

Possible 2020 Rescheduling of CBD in Australia | Rhys Cohen Explains

February 18, 2022 0 By bestcbdadmin

The Department of Health has proposed that CBD made available behind the counter via a pharmacist. This means taking low dose CBD oil from a Schedule IV to a Schedule III drug.

In this interview, honahlee founder, Tom Brown speaks with cannabis expert Rhys Cohen about what the proposed rescheduling of CBD means and how you can have a say in the Department of Health review.

Rhys Cohen is the Principal Consultant at FreshLeaf Analytics.

Here are the questions Rhys answered for honahlee:
– Tell us about your experience in the cannabis industry. | 0:22-0:54
– What does FreshLeaf Analytics do? | 0:54-1:31
– What triggered the review on CBD scheduling? | 1:32-2:23
– What types of CBD would the rescheduling cover? | 2:24-3:22
– What does rescheduling CBD actually mean? | 3:23-4:49
– Will individuals or any company be able to sell CBD? | 4:50-6:57
– Could the draft proposal be different from the final outcome | 6:58-8:07
– When would the new regulations officially begin? | 8:08-8:20
– At schedule 3, what conditions could you buy CBD to treat? | 8:21-9:17
– Are there reasons the proposal would not be passed? | 9:18-10:28
– How can I help? How do I make a submission? | 10:29-11:08
– What information can I put into my submission | 11:09-11:50
– Any tips for making a strong submission? | 11:51- 13:22
– How can people connect with Rhys | 13:23-13:33


Key Takeaways:

– The proposed changes mean that individuals may be able to buy 1,800 mg of CBD per-month from a pharmacist for minor ailments.

– Before companies could sell CBD through pharmacies, they’ll need to register their CBD on the ARTG which is not an easy or cheap task.

– Changes may go into effect Feb 1, 2020, but may not really have any immediate impact on the general public.


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Disclaimer: Currently, in Australia, cannabis is only legal with a prescription. Neither honahlee nor Rhys Cohen are recommending the use of cannabis for medical or other purposes. Medical cannabis does not work for everyone. If you believe that cannabis may help you with a medical condition, please consult your GP or medical specialist.