CBD oil Dose Guide

CBD oil Dose Guide

February 17, 2022 0 By bestcbdadmin

Here’s a quick information video helping explain the math when trying to determine “what CBD oil strength” should I try?

Almost every vendor has a 1 ounce bottle, and 1 ounce is = to 30 mL of liquid. Every eye dropper (that is full of liquid) holds about 1mL of liquid.

Therefore each bottle has 30 servings of 1 mL. So when shopping for a bottle of CBD oil- take the total number of milligrams (300) and divide by 30 and you will get the number of milligrams you get in one full dropper (300 divided by 30 = 10mg per each mL.

In order to determine which bottle is best for you – you need to figure out what milligrams strength per serving of CBD you should take (per dose) and the general guidance is most individuals trying for the first time start with a low 5 mg serving. For mid anxiety and pain a daily goal of 25 mg is average, and for lifelong pain or more severe needs you may benefit from 50 mg or more a day