The History of Hemp and CBD

The History of Hemp and CBD

February 3, 2022 0 By bestcbdadmin

Cultivation of the first hemp plant dates back over 10,000 years. First discovered in an ancient village in Taiwan, hemp is thought to be one of the first plants ever cultivated by humans.

As a result of hemp, humans developed agricultural practices that changed human history.

Considered by many to be the father of Chinese medicine, emperor Shen Yeng first reported the use of hemp and cannabis around 2700 BC. Shen Yeng authored one of the first medical texts that referenced cannabis. The Pen Ts’au is still used by practitioners of Chinese medicine today.

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As the plant’s popularity surged in China, cannabis began to flow into India and beyond. In the ancient Indian text, the Ayurveda, hemp is listed as a sacred and holy plant. The Romans discovered hemp in many regions they conquered through military campaigns around North Africa, Europe, and Asia Minor.

A Greek physician known as Pedacius Dioscorides gathered many plants during Roman invasions in foreign lands. Dioscorides studied them as potential herbal treatments, eventually writing a book known as the Materia Medica.

The Materia Medica discussed over 600 different plants and their various effects, listing cannabis as one of the plants that held medical potential.

Hemp spread throughout Europe, Arabia, and China for the next thousand years reaching Egypt and much of Africa by the 12th century.

Explorers introduced hemp during the early times of colonial America. American settlers used hemp as a means of creating rope, clothing, and other materials.

Hemp was given its scientific name in 1753 by Swedish scientist Linnaeus. Dubbed Cannabis Sativa after common use for treatment of medical conditions in the 1700s.

For thousands of years, hemp and cannabis were used as medicine, textiles, and fabrics.

CBD was discovered within the hemp plant in the 1940’s on accident by Dr. Roger Adams team at the University of Illinois. Raphael Mechoulam then successfully isolated cannabidiol in 1963 mapping the chemical structure and studying its properties and effects.

Dr. Mechoulam is considered the godfather of cannabis as he also discovered and isolated THC in 1964. The first cannabinoid receptor was discovered in 1988 which first recognized the endocannabinoid system within mammals.

Studies today indicate hemp based CBD has the potential to radically alter the way we view human health and treat disease.

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