Dr Hannah Kirk Explains: Can cannabis help treat ADHD?

Dr Hannah Kirk Explains: Can cannabis help treat ADHD?

August 13, 2021 0 By bestcbdadmin

Disclaimer: Currently, in Australia, cannabis is only legal with a prescription. Neither honahlee nor Dr Hannah Kirk are recommending the use of cannabis for medical or other purposes. Medical cannabis does not work for everyone. If you believe that cannabis may help you with a medical condition, please consult your GP or medical specialist.


In this video, Dr Hannah Kirk, discussed ADHD, traditional treatments for ADHD and what the research says about cannabis as a treatment for ADHD.
– How many people does ADHD impact? | 0:22-0:36
– What are some of the signs and symptoms of ADHD? | 0:37-1:09
– How is ADHD diagnosed? | 1:10-1:39
– What are the traditional treatments for ADHD? | 1:40-2:13
– What are the side effects for traditional treatments for ADHD? | 2:14-2:46
– Are there non-pharmaceutical treatments for ADHD? | 2:47-3:33
– Can cannabis treat ADHD? | 3:34-4:19
– Tell us about CBD as a treatment for ADHD? | 4:20-5:21
– Tell us about THC as a treatment for ADHD? | 5:22-6:40
– Are there any side effects specific to cannabis and ADHD? | 6:41-7:37
– What does the research say about cannabis treating ADHD? | 7:38-8:54
– What about research specific to cannabis and kids with ADHD? | 8:55-9:41
– Is medical cannabis prescribed for ADHD in Australia? | 9:42-10:24

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