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You’ve heard the hype and decided to try CBD… Either for yourself or for your business… but, you quickly come to discover that with all the brands and the various options that are out there, it’s very difficult to know which product is best for you.

In today’s video, we’ll cover the difference between the 2 most common types of CBD oil available in the marketplace today.

We’ll cover what they are. What’s the difference between the 2. And which may be better for you, depending on your situation.

MOVIDA & My fit life DO NOT Claim to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure Any Illness or Disease With Any of Our Products or Programs.

If we are meeting for the 1st time my name is Al Morentin. I am the owner/founder of MOVIDA.
I have 30+ years of experience in Holistic Health.
I specialize in extraction and formulation… As a matter of fact, I created all of the formulations for our products and they are proprietary to MOVIDA.
I’m also known as Patient Zero for the company. After going blind due to Glaucoma, I got my vision back with our oils and started MOVIDA, so I never have to go blind again.

CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil

What’s the difference? And, which is better?

CBD Distillate aka Full Spectrum Oil

80% CBD on average.
Contains full cannabinoid profile plus the terpenes, which are the essential oil of the plant.

It takes greater skill to infuse into formulations and recipes than Isolate.
Math calculations are more complex in formulations.
Contains a flavor profile which may be undesirable.
Contains THC, which is not desirable to those that get tested and those that absolutely do not want to get high, which is the great majority of people.

CBD Isolate

Pure CBD
Isolated molecule
It’s easy to infuse
1 to 1 ratio in formulations… No math!
No Flavor profile
THC FREE, which is extremely attractive

Isolate vs Full Spectrum Oil

Ease of use: Isolate is much easier to infuse and calculations are much easier, which means less margin for error on the technical side.

Flavor profile: Full spectrum oil has a flavor profile and Isolate does not.
On the manufacturing side, I feel that it’s best to start off with Isolate, so you don’t have to worry about the oil changing your flavor profile. If your community enjoys CBD and starts buying the product, then you can experiment with the Full spectrum oils to see if they fit in better… knowing that you have a market for it.

Effect: Many people claim that Isolate is worthless. However, at MOVIDA, 90% or more of our success stories come from our Pure Crystalline CBD isolates.
In other words there is a difference in quality and effect. We call this the MOVIDA Difference.

THC Content: Roughly 90% of consumers do not want THC in their CBD Hemp products. Some can’t have THC because they get tested for whatever reason. But most other just simply do not want THC because they do not want to get high.

Their attitude usually changes over time, but initially, you will get more success with THC Free Isolates… and have an easier time producing the end product.

Closing Thoughts:
The MOVIDA Difference

Our Isolate is Proven.
Do Isolate First, Then Try Full Spectrum If Curious.

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