Full-Spectrum CBD vs Isolate CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD vs Isolate CBD

July 4, 2021 0 By bestcbdadmin

There are two main types of CBD: CBD isolates and Full-Spectrum CBD. What’s the difference? Which one is better?

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CBD isolate is literally isolated CBD. That means all the of the other beneficial cannabinoids are removed. Most products sold as CBD are CBD isolate but not labeled as CBD isolate. CBD isolate sounds “pure” but it is actually less effective.

Products that do not explicitly state full-spectrum CBD are usually made with CBD isolate.

Full Spectrum CBD is NOT separated from other cannabinoids. Instead, Full-Spectrum CBD products include other beneficial cannabinoids.

Why is this important?

The body uses certain nutrients to avail the benefits of another.

For example, the body cannot absorb calcium without adequate Vitamin D.

Likewise, Vitamin B12 is necessary for the absorption of iron. The presence of other cannabinoids in CBD increases absorption and bioavailability in the body.

The more CBD your body uses, the more effective it is and the less product you’ll need.

The term “entourage” means a group of people surrounding and supporting a central person. Likewise, with the term “entourage effect”, there is one central component that is supported by other parts of the plant.

If a full-spectrum CBD product has all the surrounding components – or the entourage – except for the THC, will the effect still occur?

While some scientific papers highlight the beneficial relationship between THC & CBD, others point to the general benefits of a synergistic relationship between other parts of the plant.

Some scientists are exploring the potency of terpenoids and their overall contribution to the entourage effect. 5

The truth is, the decades-long prohibition impeded the study of this incredible plant species, and only now are we beginning to catch up scientists are really only beginning to understand – and scientifically prove – how the compounds of cannabis and hemp work together and what amazing potential they hold.

Thanks to changes in laws and social acceptance, more researchers are able to dig deeper, uncovering more information about each of the compounds in the hemp plant and how they work together.

Right now, it’s impossible for anyone to say with absolute certainty which compounds are necessary to maximize the entourage effect of cannabis and hemp – and you should question anyone who tries to convince you that they have the answer. The best tactic is to keep reading the science as it continues to emerge so you can stay up-to-date with the latest findings.

When choosing between CBD isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD, Full-Spectrum CBD is the smartest and most efficient choice.

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