Biopurus UK 500mg 5% CBD Oil Review – a food supplement?

Biopurus UK 500mg 5% CBD Oil Review – a food supplement?

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Biopurus UK 500mg 5% CBD Oil is a food supplement that contains around 500mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle. It is a full spectrum cannabidiol extract diluted in hemp oil. This product is organic and non-GMO. Its full range of cannabinoids is obtained through the supercritical CO2 extraction method typical for products of this type. It comes in a 10 ml bottle, which features a built-in dropper that provides you with approximately 200 drops.

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Biopurus- the largest importer of cold-pressed oils.

Biopurus UK is a subsidiary company of Biopurus s.r.o. Slovakia, which has been offering its products to the European market since 2005. They produce and sell a wide range of cold-pressed oils, along with other organic products at competitive prices. If you are interested in purchasing organic vegetable oils, cosmetic oils, or essential oils you can look out for Biopurus products. Even though CBD products are not the focus of the company, their CBD products are still of the highest quality. Hemp products manufactured by Biopurus UK possess the ‘organic’ certification (CZ-BIO-002) given out by ABCert.

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