Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops Review – arthritis treatment

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops Review – arthritis treatment

April 30, 2021 0 By bestcbdadmin

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After a lot of research, I’d decided to use this product to help my mother who suffers from acute arthritis in her knees and her hands. Just 8 days ago, my mother’s right hand had very limited movement and was very painful. Sometimes I might accidentally knock her hand and it would induce that much pain there would be tears. My mother’s right hand would pretty much permanently in a stiff position as if you had got a cramp in your hand, she is also right handed.

Day 4
The first 4 days we started off with half of the recommended dose, on the 4th-day review there was a slight improvement and she agreed to up the dosage to the recommended dose to start off.

Day 7
I’d sat down with my mum and asked her had she noticed anything different. Wow! I was shocked, this product has worked wonders and this is the honest truth. The pain has gone, and she has the function of her hand, the range of movement is fantastic and she can now use the tin opener etc. This is no exaggeration and I’m intrigued on how the CBD may affect other health issues she has suffered with, she has suffered for many years with her arthritus and within 7 days it’s simply relieved her suffering which many powerful prescription drugs she is taking have not come close to achieving.

I will be honest, I was always a little sceptical about CBD, as the product reviews here all being 5 star and reviews on other sites for one. Well, it’s getting another 5 stars and I have no doubts about CBD and this product.

It’s great to see my mother more comfortable, well-being is up, her mood is more stable and positive, she’s sleeping better too.